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staging your home

Staging Your NJ Home

Staging Your NJ Home

staging your home


Staging your NJ home can help you get much higher offers when selling your home, it’s definitely worth putting this effort into your home!

Here are some tips on staging your home. If you’re new to staging, it’s best to hire a professional to help you out. A stager can provide a consultation or take care of everything for you.

Front of Home

This is the first impression for your buyer, you don’t want them do drive by and leave! Make sure the grass is cut and the landscaping is trimmed. Pull any weeds from landscaping. Power wash any walkways. Get a new front door mat. If trim or front door needs painting, this should be done.


It’s very important to make a great first impression when the buyer walks in. Have a new mat in the foyer. Remove any shoes or clutter. There should be a small table with a decorative piece and a picture above it.


Remove the dish rack, sponges and most of the clutter. There should be a few nicely spaced kitchen appliances.

Family/Living Room

Remove any extra furniture that makes the room look crowded.

Dining Room

Remove the extra leaf and chairs from the table unless it’s a very large dining room. Remove any tablecloth and have nice place mats at each setting.


Remove most items from the vanity top. Get a new shower curtain & towels.


Remove extra clutter. You’re going to be moving soon so think of the decluttering as a head start on your move!


Make sure the back of the home, deck and patio are power washed if they need it. Put table umbrellas up for showings. If you have a pool, make sure it’s sparkling clean!


Make sure your house has a good cleaning. Turn on all lights and open up the shades and blinds. Make sure you don’t cook with any strong spices before showing your home. Remove all personal pictures throughout the home. If the home is vacant, you should consider renting furniture.

Check out the latest Monmouth County homes for sale and see if you can spot the ones that are staged!

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