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Serving the NJ Shore & Monmouth County NJ

NJ Buyer Closing Costs

Title Costs & Legal Fees

Attorney Fee $1,000-$1,500
Survey $450-$800
Recording Fees (Mortgage & Deed) $200-$300
Title Search/Policy Endorsements $250-$500
Title Insurance Premium Consult attorney or lender


Mortgage Costs

Application Fee (Credit Report included) $300-$600
Appraisal $400-$600
Misc. Mortgage Costs (Consult your lender) $100-$600
Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Consult lender
Points Consult lender
One point = 1% of mortgage i.e. 1 point on a $700,000 mortgage is $7,000
Points are a fee to “buy down” the interest rate on a mortgage.


Inspection Costs

Home Inspection $400-$900
Radon Inspection $120-$300
Termite Inspection/Certification $75-$150
Septic Inspection (if applicable) $400-$1,000
Oil Tank Inspection (if applicable) $395-$500
Asbestos, Chimney and Mold Costs vary
Other Inspections (if needed)
Homeowner’s Insurance – Prepaid 1 Year Consult Insurance Company
2 Months Escrow Homeowner’s Insurance Consult Insurance Company
3 Months Property Taxes Escrow
Mansion Tax (if applicable)
1% of consideration when sales price is over $1,000,000 – Residential Zone Use
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