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Thinking of Downsizing?

Now is the time to start! Myself & my team are here to assist you from the beginning to closing!
With years of accumulation, the thought of downsizing may seem overwhelming but if you try to target just one closet or area of your home at a time then you will be able to conquer the clutter! I know a great professional organizer if you need help with this!

1. Getting Organized. Room by room, determine the following:
a. What gets thrown out? – You may need a dumpster!
b. What can be donated? –
c. What you want to sell – You can try a garage sale, craigslist, facebook and ebay.
d. Anything that can go to storage.

2. Inside & Out:
a. Determine what needs to be fixed – I have some great handymen to recommend!
b. Any updates to be done
c. Decide on any painting, landscaping, power washing, rug cleaning that needs to be done. I have some great recommendations for all of these services!
3. Setting the stage
a. Room by room we can determine any furniture to be moved & small accessories to buy. I have a professional stager that can provide some easy and inexpensive advice
b. Evaluate the outside to determine any front door mats or any plants/flowers to add
c. Full House Cleaning! If you don’t want to do yourself, I have a great cleaning service to recommend.
4. House Hunting
If you will also be buying a home, we should start hunting for your new home. Based on your requirements, I can setup an automatic search in the MLS to have any new listings that come on the market be automatically emailed to you. We want to make sure there are some homes you love out there before listing your house.
5. Listing your home for sale!
Now that you have some homes in mind to buy and your house is ready to go, it’s now time to list your home!

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