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Choosing a Retirement Destination

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Should you stay in your present area or state or move to another area? Here are a few important factors to consider in choosing a place to put down new roots.


Accessible health care

Any older adult no matter how active, should take a look at what health care options are available in areas in areas they are considering. It’s good to have internists and specialists within a convenient drive. Most important is having access to a well-regarded hospital, in case of emergency or seriuos illness.



The cost of living is an ongoing worry for many Americans. If you expect to be price conscious during retirement, look for cities with housing below the current median price. Remember to factor in property insurance, home maintenance and transportation.


Do you plan to continue working in some capacity? If so, investigate employment opportunities that fit your abilities in the areas you’re considering, as well as commuting options.

Aging in place

If you plan to live out your senior years in your retirement destination, consider how the community will serve your future needs. Is there convenient transportation available for times when you choose not to drive? Does the community have support services in place for seniors?


Many retirees enjoying travelling, visiting their kids, and having family and friends visit them. All of these will be easier if there is an airport within reasonable driving distance, and a good highway to get to it.


Weather preferences are an important factor in retirement for many people, especially as they age.


How do you plan to spend your time in retirement? Does a community offer access to your hobbies and interests, possible including outdoor recreation and sports, cultural activities, or continuing education?

Restricted or mixed-age community

Give some thought to weather you’d like to live in an adults only community or an mixed-age environment.

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